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Green Street
Poetry Presents


Saturday, september 7


@ The Thirsty soul

If you're tired of the sardonic and ironic takes on what it means to be in love in the modern world, join us for a night of poetry, music, and spoken word performances as we explore a space where we can appreciate each other and the ones we dedicate our lives to.

When it comes to love, cynicism is so played out. It's about time we sung some life into the magic we're all chasing so that when it rears its gorgeous face, we recognize it when we see it.

So please, join us, and bring a loved one with you to take part in this moody, candlelit evening of live poetry and music. We will be featuring 6 poets, 4 musical acts, and hosting an open mic the top it off for anyone and everyone with something uplifting to say about love.


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