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The Green Street Poetry Workshop is the heart and soul of our organization. At our workshops,  members meet to share, edit, and discuss our work in a friendly, constructive atmosphere.  Attendees are free to bring a poem to be workshopped or just sit in, enjoy a few drinks and take part in the conversation.

The goal of the workshop is simple - we hope that through collaboration, honest critiques, and persistent encouragement, we can help each other achieve whatever writing goals we've set for ourselves - big or small. Whether you are seeking intense criticism to fine-tune your upcoming chapbook - or just looking for a friendly environment to read and share some poetry, you will walk away from our workshop feeling cozy, encouraged, and hopeful about your future as a writer.

How It Works

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When it's your turn, read your poem out loud to the group.

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The group takes 2-3 minutes to mark up a copy of your poem. This includes any edits or suggestions from punctuation to line breaks.

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The floor opens for discussion. This includes compliments, questions, and everything in between.

What You'll Need

If you are attending/participating in the workshop, please bring:


10 copies of the poem you want workshopped

A pen or pencil for editing

Cash (or Venmo) for food and drinks 

Upcoming Workshop Dates

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