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Green Street Poetry is a community of poets working together to hone their skills, encourage others, and invigorate the Philly poetry scene. With Green Street, everyone has a voice, regardless of your experience level, making it the perfect place to receive feedback, engage with other poets, and grow as a writer.

At our workshops and events, you'll discover an environment that redefines what it means to be a writer. We passionately seek out those who want to create and succeed together. We encourage each other to write, to edit, and provide opportunities and guidance to help the artists in our community get their work published.

Our basic workshop is free of charge and open to the public, so please, come see for yourself the incredible community we are building.

Meet the Team

Josh Martin


Josh Martin founded Green Street Poetry in 2018 with nothing but a few flyers and a room in the public library. Since then, the workshop has grown substantially, with Josh maintaining most of the daily operations of the organization.

Josh has been writing poetry since he was 15, and has been influenced by the folky, lyrical poetry of Seamus Heaney and Patrick Kavanagh, as well as Beat and New York School poets like Gary Snyder and Frank O'Hara. He is the author of the chapbook Vapor, published by Toho Publishing, and his work has been featured in the Philadelphia Secret Admirer, Ovunque Siamo, and Toho Journal. He frequents open mics at bars and libraries around Philadelphia and has an affinity for whiskey, cats, and freestyle rap.

He thoroughly enjoys his career as a marketer in the Design industry, and is the Director of Public Relations for SMPS Philadelphia. Josh is also the Director of Marketing for Toho Journal.

Sean Hanrahan

Workshop Instructor

Sean Hanrahan is a poet and workshop instructor who has been with Green Street Poetry since the very beginning in 2018. Originally hailing from Dale City, Virginia, he has also lived and loved in Harrisonburg, VA; Washington DC; NYC; and Philadelphia.


Sean is the author of the chapbooks Safer Behind Popcorn, published by Toho Publishing, and Hardened Eyes on the Scan, published by Moonstone Press. His work has also been included in several anthologies, including the Poetry InkPhiladelphia Says: Not Our PresidentMoonstone Featured Poets, and Queer Around the World anthologies. His work has been published in the journals Peculiar and The Philadelphia Secret Admirer. He currently serves on the Moonstone Press Editorial Board and as a Head Poetry Editor for Toho Journal.

Sam Fischer

Workshop Instructor

Sam Fischer has been with Green Street Poetry since its first meeting in 2018 and has treasured the supportive relationships and feedback that the group fosters ever since.


Sam is the author of the chapbook Small Cycles. As a writer, Sam's large, illegible letters over many lines of paper has been a hallmark of his style and process since the beginning --but his content has benefited from the warm and consistent influence of family, friends, teachers, and poets he admires like Ross Gaye and Gabrielle Calvocoressi.  His work was most recently featured in the Philadelphia Secret Admirer. Sam is also a poetry editor for Toho Magazine.

Sam is keen to learn more about poetry and to share his experience and passion with others at the Green Street Poetry Workshops. If you'd like to reach out to Sam for anything, feel free to contact him at samuel.t.fischer@gmail.com.

Caroline Furr

Workshop Instructor

Caroline Fur has been a reliable and talented presence at Green Street since the early days of the workshop. She’s a painter, a sculptor, she draws and she designs but at our workshops, she’s a talented and insightful poet.

Caroline has lived and worked in Dallas, Los Angeles, and Barcelona before she found her way here to Philadelphia. Her work has most recently been featured in Toho Journal, and she was the featured reader for an event sponsored byToho Journal, Green Street Poetry and the Philadelphia Writers Conference.


Before Green Street, her primary focus was on her visual art, boasting an ongoing exhibition history that dates back to 1974 with solo exhibitions featured in the Cerulean Gallery, the Cosmopolitan Club, the NY Academy of Art and more. To learn more about Caroline and her work, visit her website at carolinefurr.com.

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If you are interested in being a part of the Green Street Poetry project, please reach out to Josh Martin for details on how you can help! We are always looking for volunteers with the below skillsets:

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